High Flash Point Safety Alkyd Protective Coating (Varnish)

Alkyd protective coating

High flash point safety alkyd protective coating (varnish)

General Information

Composition: high flash point alkyd resin specially designed for varnish as the main film forming material, additives, high flash point eco-friendly solvent.

Application: for surface finishing or coating finish on general steel and wood.

Color: transparent pale yellow

Gloss: yes


Performance introduction

Refined from high flash point eco-friendly solvent, high flash point alkyd resin for varnish and additives. Passing green China Environmental Labelling certification, mild odor, eco-friendly, high transparency, strong film, shiny, good water resistance and weather resistance. At the same time, flash point >60℃(closed) is a non-hazardous chemical which is more convenient for transportation and storage.


Application Instruction

Theoretical consumption: 8-10㎡/㎏, (25 micron dry film, excluding loss)

Weight ratio: about 0.98

Drying time: 25℃ surface drying ≤2h, total drying ≤18h

Flash point: 65℃

Coating method: spraying, brushing, rolling (bubbling may happen)

Surface treatment: if the previous coating has been contaminated, use proper methods to remove grease and dust.

Supporting paint: none, direct application


(1) Please add our special eco-friendly thinner into the varnish till appropriate viscosity before application.

(2) If there is crust, use sieve to remove it and then use at normal procedure.