High Flash Point Low VOCs Alkyd Protective Coating (High Weatherability High Gloss Alkyd Enamel)

Alkyd protective coating

High flash point low VOCs alkyd protective coating (high weather resistance and high light alkyd enamel)

General information

Composition: High flash point medium and long molecule chain alkyd resin, high weatherability pigment, stuffing, additives, high flash point eco-friendly solvent etc.

Application: Widely used on outdoor general metal and wood structures for protection and decoration.

Color: Medium grey, bright red, orange red, medium yellow, medium blue, Marine blue, brilliant green, medium green, special white, black

Gloss: high reflection (≥90)


Performance introduction

This product is made of high flash point environmental protection thinner, medium long oil alkyd resin, pigment stuffing and additives. With good luster, rich paint film, bright color, good outdoor weatherability, and high flash point. Flash point >60℃(closed mouth) is a non-dangerous chemical which transportation and storage more convenient.


Application instruction

Theoretical consumption: 7-10㎡/㎏, (40 micron dry film, excluding loss)

Weight ratio: about 1.2-1.3

Drying time: 25℃ tough drying ≤2h, hard drying ≤24h

Flash point: 65℃

Coating method: spraying, brushing, rolling (bubbling may happen)

Surface treatment: if the previous paint surface has been contaminated, use appropriate methods to remove grease and dust. The substrate should be dry.

Supporting paint: previous layer shall be alkyd primer or intermediate coat.


(1). It should be stirred evenly before use. Add our professional eco-friendly thinner series till appropriate viscosity before application. If there is precipitation, please thoroughly stir to evenness.

(2). Medium long molecule chain alkyd resin weather resistance is good, but easy to oxidize with air to have crust. If it happens, use sieve to remove it and then use at normal procedure.