High Flash Point And Low VOCs Alkyd Protective Coating (Anti-Rust And Shiny)

Alkyd protective coating

High flash point and low VOCs alkyd protective coating (anti-rust and shiny)

General information

Composition: It is composed of medium and long molecule chain degree eco-friendly alkyd resin, coloring pigments, anti-rust pigments, fillers, additives, high flash point eco-friendly solvent, etc.

Usage: Suitable for rust prevention on steel surface such as general steel structures and railings.

Color: medium gray, iron red, red lead

Light: 30-50

Performance introduction

Quick drying, medium gloss, good anti-rust performance, convenient application, outdoors rainy season resistance, high flash point, >60℃ (closed), transported and stored as non-hazardous chemicals.

Application instructions

Theoretical consumption: 5.5㎡/㎏, (50 micron dry film, excluding loss)

Specific gravity: about 1.40

Drying time: 25℃ touch dry ≤2h, hard dry ≤24h

Flash point: 65℃

Coating method: spraying, brushing, rolling (bubbling may happen).

Surface treatment: Steel surface needs to be shot blasted or sandblasted to Sa2 level, or hand tool polished to St3 level. The steel coated with shop primer should be derusted again to St3 level.

Supporting paint: previous layer steel structure alkyd anti-rust paint


1. The paint contains pigments and fillers with a large specific gravity. It should be thoroughly stirred before application. The temperature of the application substrate must be 3°C higher than the dew point, and the relative humidity ≤85%.

2. Use our professional eco-friendly thinner series till suitable viscosity before application. If there is precipitation, please stir thoroughly.