Exempt Solvent (Repackage of European Exempt Solvent)


imported exempt solvent raw material packaged

Exempt solvent is a kind of exempt compound that does not participate in photochemical reaction in atmosphere. It has zero VOC emission, thus not falling in the category of VOCs. Champion group repacks the premium eco-friendly exemption solvent imported from Europe, distributing the real non-toxic green products to serve modern clean working process. On July 1, 2018, "Green Product Coatings" (GBT35602-2017) was officially implemented to encourage the use of volatile organic compounds that does not participate in photochemical reaction in atmosphere.


General information

Main ingredient: Exempt compound


Performance introduction:

The exempt solvent is refined from premium eco-friendly European exempted compound. It is inactive in photochemical reaction, non-hazardous non-toxic, pollution free, in compliance with EU ROHS, US HAPs, China GB-18581-2009. Mild smell, eco-friendly and strong solvability make it ideal in diluting alkyd paint, polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy, chlorinated rubber paint.