High Flash Point Exempt Solvent (2020 Upgraded Version)


2022 Upgraded High flash point exempt solvent

High flash point exempt solvent is developed by Champion Group to meet China national regulations for hazardous chemical management and VOC emission regulation set by Ministry of Ecology and Environment. High flash point exempt solvent features Zero VOC emission, high flash point, non-hazardous non-toxic to human health, safe and environmental friendly.


General information

Main ingredient: Exempt compound


Performance introduction

The exempted solvent is refined from premium eco-friendly European exempted compound. It is inactive in photochemical reaction, non-hazardous non-toxic, pollution free, in compliance with EU ROHS, US HAPs, China GB-18581-2009. Mild smell, eco-friendly and strong solvability make it ideal in diluting alkyd paint, polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy, chlorinated rubber paint. Flash point > 60℃ (closed) satisfies the requirement on non-hazardous identification listed in 


Application instructions:

1. It features mild smell, non-toxic to human body, high flash point. As a safe and eco-friendly solvent, it complies with Chinese GB18581-2009 standard. This product is classified non-hazardous chemical qualified to be stored and transported as general chemicals.

2. Strong solvability and broad application. It can dilute alkyd, polyurethane, acrylic acid, epoxy, epoxy ester fire retardant coating, fluorine carbon industrial paint/solvent, road marking paint, reflective paint, conventional solvent-based paint, organic silicon high-temperature paint, chlorinated rubber, high chloride, asphalt, wave skin paint, orange skin paint, golden paint etc. special industrial paint.

3. This product does not affect the luster and quality of the original paint after diluting.

4. Stirring 1-2 minutes for best results when diluting.

5. Less dosage and more dropping times should be in practice. The adding amount 10-15% is suggested for brush coating and roll coating, and 20-30% for spray coating. The specific adding amount changes with the working circumstances. The workers shall choose at own discretion according to circumstances and coating requirement.

6. This product should be stored in ventilated, cool and dry place, away from heat source and avoid hot light exposure.

7. Outer package should be collected for recycling and centralized processing, against littering around.

8. Although this product is a non-hazardous chemical, it should also be applied in accordance with the requirements of GB7691-2011 coating safety procedure and general rules of safety management. During application, workers must follow labor protection rules, checking the surrounding environment for good ventilation, wearing personal protection kit with air supply hood or mask. Do not inhale directly without protective equipment during application. Stop working in maximum two hours for fresh air outside.

9. During the operation, workers should avoid skin and eyes contact with the product. Wearing goggles and protective gloves. If being splashed on skin, the worker shall immediately wash with soap and water. If it enters eye, the worker should immediately wash with clean water for 10 minutes, then seeking hospital examination.

10. If worker has dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and other uncomfortable symptoms, he/she should immediately stop working, moving to fresh air environment and remaining there till the working place ventilation is improved. If worker has serious symptoms, he/she should be immediately hospitalized for examination and treatment.

11. Emergency safety technical consultation telephone: +86-510-85812848