High Flash Point Safe Solvent


High flash point safe solvent

High flash point safe solvent is a high flash point eco-friendly solvent developed by Champion Group in adapting to the national requirements on hazardous chemical management. The flash point is > 60℃ (closed mouth), which meets the requirements of non-hazardous chemical identification in the "Hazardous Chemical Safety Management Regulations" , finally labelled as non-hazardous chemical by the national authority.



General information

Main ingredient: High flash point eco-friendly solvent


Performance introduction

Flash point >60℃ (closed), in line with on the identification of non-hazardous chemicals, certified by the authority as non-hazardous chemicals. This product is made of high flash point environmental protection solvent, functional additives, mild smell, environmental protection and low toxicity, is a high flash point safety alkyd paint special thinner, can not be used to dilute polyurethane, acrylic and epoxy paint.


Application instructions

1. Less dosage and more dropping times should be in practice. The adding amount varies along with the working circumstances. The workers shall choose at own discretion according to circumstances and coating requirement.

2. Although this product is a non-hazardous chemical, it should also be applied in accordance with the requirements of GB7691-2011 coating safety procedure and general rules of safety management. During application, workers must follow labor protection rules, checking the surrounding environment for good ventilation, wearing personal protection kit with air supply hood or mask. Do not inhale directly without protective equipment during application. Stop working in maximum two hours for fresh air outside.

3. During the operation, workers should avoid skin and eyes contact with the product. Wearing goggles and protective gloves. If being splashed on skin, the worker shall immediately wash with soap and water. If it enters eye, the worker should immediately wash with clean water for 10 minutes, then seeking hospital examination.