Advanced Benzene - free Eco-friendly Solvent


Advanced benzene - free environmental solvent

Advance benzene free eco-friendly solvent is launched to replace traditional toxic and hazardous diluents with cost-effective environmental protection solvents. The focus is to remove benzene, toluene, xylene, halogenated hydrocarbons and other toxic and harmful substances out of formula, to improve painter's working environment. At the same time benzene free solvent also has strong dilution, able to dilute alkyd, polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy paint. Benzene - free solvent evaporates faster, especially suitable for working at winter.


General information

Main ingredient: Environmental protection esters


Performance introduction

The new generation benzene free solvents are the real non-toxic green products, the best replacement of the traditional toxic and harmful solvents, in line with modern clean process, applied in many new erected plants. The new generation of benzene free environmental protection solvent has the following advantages: 1. Mild odor, harmless to human, complying with EU and US HAPS regulations of benzene free solvents, not subject to the restrict use of organic pollutants, in line with the national environmental protection and occupational health and safety regulations. 2. The product has passed EU PAHS (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) certification regulations and harmful substances limit detection under EU ROHS directive. 3. With stronger dilution and higher tolerance, it can dilute alkyd, polyurethane, acrylic, nitro, epoxy paint, and long gloss retainment. Supporting performance is better and more convenient for application.