Advanced Acrylic Floor Paint (Finish)

Floor marking paint

General Floor Paint (Outdoor) (Topcoat)


General information

Composition: Group B is composed of high-performance acrylic resin, wear-resisting pigment, additives and solvents. Group A is curing agent.

Application: Widely used in automobile, pharmaceutical, food and electronic component plants, office buildings, libraries, hospitals, laboratories and other places.

Color: Bright green, medium grey

Gloss: high

Performance introduction: Fast drying, high wear resistance and good adhesion to the ground.

Application instruction

Theoretical Dosage : 5 ㎡/kg

Specific Gravity: 1.10

Dry Time: 25℃ touch dry≤1h, hard dry≤24h, fully cured 7d

Ratio: A:B=1:4

Pot Life: 25℃ 2h

Coating Method: Spray, Brush, Roll

Supporting Coating: previous coating high-grade acrylic floor paint (high gloss primer).


1. Paint should be stirred evenly before use. Coating shall be done at temperature between 0℃ and 35℃. Weather conditions matter. During rainy, foggy, snowy days, relative humidity ≥85%, under direct summer sunlight the application shall be halted.

2. The substrate must be dry, otherwise it will bubble. Adjust the viscosity by using supporting thinner. Water, alcohol, gasoline, etc. are prohibited. Short hair roller is recommended. Press down the brush roller with force to reduce the generation of bubbles.

3. Two-component floor paint belongs to reactive paint. Before application, it must be fully stirred to evenness, accurately proportioned according to instruction, ready for use after standing and curing for 10min. If the temperature is low, the curing time can be appropriately extended. The prepared coating must be used up within 2 hours, to avoid waste due to cementation. Do not pour the unused paint back into the can.

4. After coating is taken out for use, the cover of the packaging can must be tightly sealed. Air leakage shall be avoided to prevent paint deterioration or failure. Avoid long-time inhalation of solvent vapor and fog. The workplace shall enhance ventilation.