Epoxy High Wear-Resistant Floor Paint (Finish)

Floor marking paint

Epoxy high wear-resistant floor paint (finish)

General information

Composition: Group B is composed of epoxy resin, wear-resisting pigment, additives and solvent. Group A is curing agent.

Application: Widely used in automobile, pharmaceutical, food and electronic component plants, office buildings, libraries, hospitals, laboratories and other places.

Color: Bright green, medium grey

Gloss: high

Performance introduction:Fast drying, high wear resistance and good adhesion to the ground.

Construction instruction

Theoretical Dosage: 5 ㎡/kg(100 micron dry film, excluding loss)

Specific Gravity: 1.26

Dry Time: touch dry≤1h, hard dry≤24h, fully cured 7d

Flash point : 30℃

Shell life: 12 months

Ratio: A:B=1:4

Pot Life: 25℃  8h

Coating Method: Spray, Brush, Roll

Painting Interval: 25℃  shortest 24h, longest 7d

Supporting Coating: previous coating epoxy floor sealing primer (two components); following coating epoxy floor finish varnish (two components).


Group A, B as two components must be mixed well for application. When the ambient temperature is between 0 and 5℃, the winter curing agent should be used. Do not work when the ambient temperature is lower than 0℃. The coating can be put into use after 7 days of hardening. Paint should be stored in ventilated, cool, dry place. Application site should enhance ventilation.