Advanced Acrylic Floor Paint (Primer)

Floor marking paint

General floor paint (Outdoor) (primer)

General information

Composition: Group B is composed of epoxy resin, auxiliary agent and solvent. Group A is curing agent.

Application: For metal workshop indoor floor, mega shopping malls, workshops, warehouses, offices etc.

Color: Milky white

Gloss: medium

Performance introduction: Fast drying speed, good filling and sealing effect, isolating moist, together with finish paint deliver excellent adhesion between layers.

Application instruction

Theoretical Dosage: 10 ㎡/kg (30 micron dry film, excluding loss)

Proportion: 1.25

Dry Time: 25℃ touch dry≤1h, hard dry≤24h 

Ratio: A:B=1:3

Pot Life: 25℃  4h

Coating Method: Spray, Brush, Roll

Painting Interval: 25℃  shortest 24h, longest 48h

Surface Treatment: The concrete base should be ready for more than 28 days. The surface should be clean, flat, dry, moisture ≤6%.

Supporting Coating: Following coat is advanced acrylic finish paint (high gloss)


1. Group A, B as two components must be mixed well for application.

2. The base coating should be scraped flat with quartz sand 50-100% of the coating. Use a grinder to flatten the coating after hard dry, repeat the same process.