Road Marking Reflective Paint (2 components) (Grade A)

Floor marking paint

Road marking reflective paint (in pairs) (Grade A)

General information

Composition: Group B is composed of thermoplastic acrylic resin, plasticizer, pigment, auxiliary agent and solvent. Group A is reflective glass beads.

Application: For highway, non - mandatory road signs, traffic construction signs, railway lines and relevant fields.

Color: white, yellow

Gloss: 40-50

Performance introduction:Fast paint film drying time, with good wear resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, good mechanical strength after coating, remarkable night reflective effect to reduce traffic accidents, in line with the requirements of modern traffic facilities.

Application instructions

Theoretical dosage : 5-6 ㎡/kg (50 micron dry film, excluding loss)

Specific gravity: 1.4

Dry Time: 25℃ touch dry≤1h,hard dry≤18h

Ratio: A:B=1:4

Pot Life: any

Coating Method: high pressure airless spraying, brush coating and roll coating.

Coating Intervals: none

Surface Treatment: none

Supporting paint: none, direct brushing


1. Remove oil and dirt on road surface before spraying or brushing. Keep the surface clean and dry. The first use of group B component must be added with about 10% glass beads. Mix thoroughly before application. When it closes at touch dry, spray glass beads on the surface. Take 1m long 15㎝ wide a line as an example. Group A component should be 20-25g, accounting for 20-25% of group B in mass, and the volume of glass beads exposed on the surface of paint film about 20%-25%). Please use our thinner for dilution.

2. When brushing or rolling coating, it should be quickly applied in one direction, avoiding back and forth in case of tar leakage. Stir the paint well before application. Wet road is not suitable. Soil and sand should be swept away before application. Do not work under hot sun to prevent tar seepage. Paint should be stored in cool and dry place.