Acrylic Road Marking Paint

Floor marking paint

Acrylic road marking paint

General information

Composition: thermoplastic acrylic resin, wear-resistant pigment, imported pigment, additives, solvents single component paint.

Application: District, shopping mall, parking lot line marking.

Colors: white, yellow

Gloss: matt

Performance:It is refined from thermoplastic acrylic resin, wear-resistant material, imported pigment and filler. Economical and affordable, cost-effective, fast drying, good weather resistance, general wear-resistant, and good adhesion to road surface.

Application instruction

Theoretical dosage: 5-6 ㎡/kg(50 micron dry film, excluding loss)

Proportion: 1.4

Dry Time: 25℃ touch dry≤1h, hard dry≤18h

The Coating Method: Brush, Roll

Supporting Paint: none


1. Before application, grinding the cement floor rough if it is too smooth.

2. Before application, clean dust and dirties on cement floor. If there is oil pollution on the cement floor, use oil cleaning agent and dry it completely before application.

3. Before application, make sure that the cement road surface is dry (moisture ≤6%). If the ground is wet, or in rainy, foggy, snowy weather, the application is strictly prohibited.

4. After application, fence must be used to protect the area for at least 24 hours. Under cold weather the protection time must be extended.

5. The newly made cement floor is strictly forbidden to be painted until the alkaline in the cement fades away, at least 3 months. If time strains, please make sure to use epoxy floor sealing primer first then apply floor marking paint, otherwise the alkaline in cement floor will peel off marking paint.

6. Before application, please pay attention to the weather forecast and take protective measures. Do not wet the paint before hard dry.

7. Please mix the paint thoroughly before use, brush or roll coating should be quickly applied in one direction, avoiding back and forth. One-time paint not be too thick (dry film ≤75 microns)