SMT-S/GJ-03 Water-Based Decorative Fire-Retardant Paint (superior product, qualified product)

Fire-proof coating

SMT-S GJ-03 water-based decorative fire-retardant paint (superior product, qualified product)

General information:

Composition: film-forming emulsion, phosphorus-nitrogen-carbon flame-retardant materials, titanium dioxide and other pigments and fillers, additives and water.

Usage: Widely used on wood and its products, fiberboard and its products, cardboard and its products, and other indoor wood structure decoration materials in industrial and civil buildings.

Color: White

Gloss: dull

Performance introduction:

It is composed of film-forming emulsion, phosphorus-nitrogen-carbon flame-retardant materials, titanium dioxide and other pigments and fillers, additives, water, etc. Superior fire-resistant, distinctive decorative effect. It not only plays a certain decoration for its flat film, also protects the flammable substrate from fire and prevents the flame from spreading. The flame resistance time is at least 15 minutes. This product is not suitable on metal surface.

Application instruction:

Theoretical dosage: 500g/㎡

Specific gravity: about 1.20

Drying time: 25℃ touch dry ≤8h, hard dry ≤24h

Coating method: brush coating, roller coating.

Painting interval: at least 24 hours at 25°C.

Surface treatment: Make necessary surface treatment on the work piece before application. Fill the putty. After the putty dries, polish it and then apply the fireproof coating.

Supporting paint: none


1. The paint should be mixed thoroughly before application.

2. The application ambient temperature should be higher than 5℃, protecting from rain wet within 24h after application.

3. The direction of brushing should be the same, not crossing or repeating brush.

4. The paint should be adjusted to a suitable viscosity to prevent sagging and falling during spraying.

5. If the paint is thick, it can be diluted with water and adjusted evenly, and the dosage should not exceed 10%. During the application process and after application but before the coating is dried and cured, the ambient temperature should be 5~35℃, relative humidity ≤85%, and in good air circulation.

6. This paint is generally coated with 2 layers, and 3 layers if necessary. After the first coating, the next can be carried out after natural drying. Each application shall leave no omissions. The thickness of the coating shall not be less than 0.3mm.

7. No other paint can be applied on top of this paint.