Congratulations to Mr. Xie Hai on his appointment as professor of Industry in Jiangsu University

2021-12-08 10:57:40

It is reported that the industrial professor program, as an endeavor to further implement the strategy of human resources and innovation-driven enhancing, production and education integration, is a "highlighted project" to promote deep integration and comprehensive cooperation between universities and enterprises. This project benefits not only the quality of talent training in colleges and universities, also enterprises’ access to colleges and universities in depth and talents.


On personal honor, Mr Xie hai is executive director of the association of Chinese coating industry, vice chairman of Jiangsu province coating association, Jiangsu province 333 high-level talent. As a member of the national coating standard committee and an expert in Jiangsu province coating industry expert bank, he has made great contribution for the standardization of the industry and green development. He owns 13 invention patents and 1 PCT patents. In various academic journals he has published more than ten academic papers. As the project leader he completed one provincial scientific and technological achievement transformation. The successful appointment of our Chairman Xie Hai as professor of Chemical Engineering and Industry in Jiangsu University is both an honor and a responsibility. In the future, Champion Group will give full play to the role of industry professor as a bridge to work with Jiangsu University to promote the deep integration of schools and enterprises, broad and deep collaboration, continuous innovation and full-dimensional cooperation, with target on more contributions to the industrial development of Jiangsu Province.