Warm congratulations to Jiangsu Champion Group for winning the national honorary title of "Model Enterprise for Green Design of Industrial Products"

2021-11-29 01:14:06

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China officially announced the list of "Green Design Demonstration Enterprises for Industrial Products (The Third Batch)". Jiangsu Champion Group was successfully enlisted, becoming the only paint-featured enterprise among the candidate enterprises in the province.


It is reported that the certification of the test news content of industrial product green design demonstration enterprises covers electrical and electronic, mechanical equipment, automobile and accessories, textile, light industry, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and other industries. At present, only 200 plus enterprises in the country have passed the certification. The launching of green design is a specific measure to implement new development concept, an important part to promote high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, and an effective means to conduct green production and green consumption.


Over the years, Jiangsu Champion Group has always adhered to the concept of sustainable development and elevated it to the corporate strategy. "Green Design" has been integrated into the overall business operation of Champion Group and become the inherent gene of the company's development.


Facing the policy requirements of energy saving, emission reduction, green and low carbon in the domestic coating industry, we have always been following the development trend, vigorously researching and promoting green environmental protection industrial coatings, for the de-escalating of hazardous level.


As early as 2016, Champion Group took the lead in realizing the reform of high-solid differentiation of solvent-based paints in the industry. In the field of water-based paints, we took a different approach toward high-quality and low-cost water-dispersed water-based paints, breaking the inherent thinking of curing water-based paints. Besides that, an exempt solvent with European cutting-edge technology was introduced. Champion Group's exempt solvent is a green solvent that neither participates in atmospheric photochemical reactions nor causes environmental pollution. The world leading technology won us international invention patent. In 2019, we initiated the concept of high flash point in the industry, developing high flash point products series which were identified as non-hazardous chemicals by authorities. Such series solved the problematic handling of coatings during storage and transportation, a headache always haunting on hazardous chemicals. In 2020, the group obtained the low VOCs coating product certification from China Environmental United Certification Center, becoming the first company in the domestic coating industry to pass low VOCs coating product certification. At the same year we drafted an industry standard . It was approved by national standard committee to be officially implemented this year.

Last year, Champion Group's "Shell Powder Bio-tech Environmental Protection Interior Wall Paint" won the honorary title of National "Green Product Design". This year, we made another great achievement in winning the honor of National "Industrial Product Green Design Demonstration Enterprise". It is a recognition from government on our adherence to the concept of green development for many years. In the future, we will always stick with high-quality development, green design of industrial products, continuously lifting green development, and devotion to the R&D of more high-quality green products. Contribute to the construction of a beautiful new China!