Champion coating

"Champion Paint" has been rated as China Well-known Trademark, Jiangsu Famous Trademark and Jiangsu Famous Product, among China's famous high-end industrial anticorrosive paint brands. Champion paint has seven series products including high flash point environmental protection solvent series, high flash point safe alkyd protective coating series, high flash point steel structure fire retardant coating series, high flash point wood oil, high flash point road marking series and high flash point industrial paint series. Champion paint products are widely used in Shanghai Pudong Airport, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, Hainan Meilan Airport, Nanjing Metro Line 2 and other major projects. At present, champion paint marketing network comprises of more than 30,000 paint shop outlets dotted in 250-260 cities in 20 plus provinces. Entering 2022, we have formed a strategic alliance with Jiangsu Honggang Industries Co. Ltd. to serve global market and industrial demands.