Coating for Color Sheet & Port Installation

Industrial coating

Composition: It is prepared from thermoplastic acrylic resin, weather-resistant pigments, and environmentally friendly ester solvents Uses: suitable for road guardrails with high requirements, chemical equipment, color steel tiles in chemical plants,

General information

Composition: Made of thermoplastic acrylic acid resin, weather - resistant pigment, eco-friendly ester solvent.

Application: anti-corrosion and decoration on highway guardrail, chemical equipment, color roofing sheet and port installation.

Color: Bright red, sea blue, medium yellow, medium green, white, black, medium grey

Gloss: high

Performance introduction:Fast drying speed, high gloss, outdoor weather resistance, high hardness, rich film, good adhesion.

Application instructions

Theoretical dosage : 8-9 ㎡/kg (40 micron dry film, excluding loss)

Specific gravity: 1.10

Dry Time: 25℃ touch dry≤0.5h,hard dry≤24h

Coating Method: high pressure airless spraying, air spraying, brush coating, roller coating;

Surface Treatment: if the previous coating has been contaminated, use appropriate methods to remove oil, dust and other dirties. The substrate should keep dry.

Supporting coating:

1. For ordinary steel, the preceding coating: alkyd primer, epoxy ester primer, epoxy zinc rich primer.

2. For galvanized steel, the preceding coating is zinc yellow epoxy primer.


1 Coating shall be carried on at ambient temperature between 0℃ and 35℃. Minding weather changes. Under rainy, foggy, snowy days and relative humidity ≥85%, direct summer sunlight the application is prohibited. The substrate must be dry, otherwise it will bubble.

2 Adjust the viscosity with our exempt solvents. Thinners from other companies or other brands are not allowed to use, otherwise we will not be held responsible for any problems.

3. Dry spraying is prone to occur during application in high temperature season. In order to prevent dry spraying, high flash point exemption solvent should be used.

4. After coating is taken out for use, the cover of the packaging can must be tightly sealed. Air leakage shall be avoided to prevent paint deterioration or failure. Avoid long-time inhalation of solvent vapor and fog. The workplace shall enhance ventilation.