Epoxy Coal Tar Anticorrosive Coating (First-grade)

Industrial coating

Composition: It is a two-component long-term anti-corrosion coating composed of modified epoxy resin, coal tar pitch, epoxy curing agent, anti-corrosion pigment, extender pigment, auxiliary agent and solvent Use: for oil

General Information:


Composition:two-component long-lasting anticorrosive coating made of modified epoxy resin, coal tar pitch, epoxy curing agent, anticorrosive pigment, body pigment, additives and solvents.

Application:anti-corrosive coating, for oil and gas pipelines, water, gas, heating pipelines, power plants, industrial and mining plants underground cooling water pipeline, buried pipelines of chemical plants, sewage treatment, refineries, steel storage tanks, gas tank inner wall, bottom plate and so on.


Gloss:Soft light

Performance introduction

Excellent water resistance, excellent corrosion resistance; Used in general buried pipelines and steel storage tanks.

Construction instructions

Theoretical dosage: 100㎡/㎏, (60 micron dry film, excluding loss)

Specific Gravity:About 1.2

Drying time25℃  Touch dry ≤2h,Hard dry ≤24h

Mixing ratioA:B=1:6

Coating methodHigh pressure airless spray, brush, roll

Surface treatment: With or without oxidation crust, sandblasted to Sa2.5.

Supporting coating: None


1 Coating should be mixed and stirred evenly according to specified ratio, curing for half an hour and ready for use. Only prepare when needed.

2 No need to add thinner in coating normally. Some thinner could be added gradually when coating viscosity is too high, but not too much to avoid liquid down on structure surface.

3 When coating on glass fiber cloth, the cloth should be tightened and smoothed.