Special Flame Retardant Varnish For Woodware

Fire-proof coating

Special flame retardant varnish for woodware

General information:

Composition: acrylic modified alkyd resin, chlorinated paraffin, transparent flame retardant, additives and solvent.

Usage: Widely used on wood and its products, fiberboard and its products, cardboard and its products as wood structure decoration materials inside civil buildings.



Performance introduction:

Remarkable fireproof. Transparent coating well display the natural texture of the coated object. It can not only play a certain decorative role for its flat coating film, also protects the flammable substrate from fire and prevents the flame from spreading.

Application instruction:

Theoretical dosage: 8-9㎡/kg

Specific gravity: about 1.0

Drying time: 25℃ touch dry ≤8h, hard dry ≤24h

Coating method: brush coating, roller coating.

Painting interval: at least 24 hours at 25°C.

Surface treatment: Perform necessary surface treatment on the work piece before application.

Matching paint: direct painting


1. The paint should be mixed thoroughly before application.

2. If the paint is thick, you can add an appropriate amount, not exceed 10%, of the exempt solvent to dilute, stir and adjust.

3. After the application process but before the coating is dried and solidified, the ambient temperature should be 5~50℃, the relative humidity ≤90%, and in good air circulation.

4. No other paint can be applied on top of this paint.