High Flash Point Odorless Natural Wood Oil

Alkyd protective coating

High flash point pure taste international natural wood oil

General information

Composition: natural paint specialized resin professionally developed from flaxseed oil, castor oil and soybean oil etc. as the main film forming material, solvent of eco-friendly, odorless and high flash point.

Application: widely used on wood accessories, wood furniture, wooden toys, wood flooring and other premium wood products surface.

Color: light yellow transparent

Gloss: high

Performance introduction:natural plant smell, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Super permeability deeply into the wood surface to enhance the texture and maintain the air permeability of wood. Effectively prevent wood deformation from humidity, crack and warping.

Application instruction

Theoretical Dosage: 10 ㎡/kg

Specific Gravity: 0.98

Dry Time: 25℃ touch dry≤2h,hard dry≤18h

Coating Method: Spray, Brush, Roll (bubbles may happen).

Surface Treatment: If the previous painting has been contaminated, use appropriate methods to remove grease and dust.


1.Please add our special eco-friendly thinner into wood oil till proper viscosity before application.

2. If there is crust, please sieve it out before normal application.